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Projects and Testimonials

Whether in HR, a business role, or as a career consultant, I consistently guide individuals through transformative journeys, helping them unlock and fulfill their true potential.
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In this episode, you will learn: 1. How agility can help you stay relevant and resilient in uncertain times 2. What should you do, if you feel undervalued in your current position 3. How to use a personal website as your e-resume and showcase your skills set and experience 4. How to properly implement culture transformation and employee experience programs. Click on the icon to listen to the podcast

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AGILITY: The New Way of Working

European region of 3500 people in a conservative Rx company. By engaging a team of 40 Agility Champions across 20 countries and running a fully-fledged Agility program, we have outgrown other regions in terms of Net Sales growth and showed better results in the annual Employee Survey. Click on the icon to open the executive summary.

Philipp von Lattorff, Managing Director RCV Region

WIOP and Agility have given the TEAM one direction for the entire organization, with clear goals and milestones we are achieving. It has created a very strong feeling of belonging to one high performing TEAM that works together and achieves goals together. People are proud to be part of the TEAM and can articulate our achievements and business goals.

Alejandro Paschalides,

Managing Director - BAT Middle East

“A great Business Partner in helping design and implement a super ambitious new Business Strategy Plan inclusive of a heavy dose of change management. Without Vlad this would have not happened .”

Francesco Banchi, General Manager Hungary

Winning is our Passion was a both a tailor-made suit and a second skin. We (all the Country Heads in the region) felt that WIOP fully described our interior flame and drive to be the best both in BI and in the Pharma Market, it was our second skin. At the same time it was a message that was accepted by every single employee in RCV, we all felt proud to be RCV, Win and feel so much Passion for the work we was a tailor-made suit that looked magnificent on us!

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Winning is our Passion (WioP): 5 Year Aspiration and Key Behaviours

Moving a regional business unit of 20 countries away from a mindset of incremental budget achievement towards an aspirational visionary mindset, supported by change of behaviors and leadership qualities. In addition to outstanding business results, the region became a talent development hub within the group. Click on the icon to open the executive summary.

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Empowering of people in GCC: Creating the equation 1 + 1 = 3

How do you convert a good organization to become a great one? We started with the people and employee experience. Two years later the flagship product gained #1 market share, the operating unit received a global excellence award and the organization became a true magnet for talent in MENA.

Click on the logo to learn more from the General Manager.

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HR Strategy: Using Marketing Tools for Employer Brand Building

Managing Company Employer Brand as you would manage any other brand, i.e. through the consumer disposition funnel: from awareness to advocacy. Each stage is supported by external and internal activities are implemented to overcome bottlenecks on the way to loyalty/advocacy and the vision to be the Employer of Choice. BI Russia has been a Top Employer 4 years running.

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